It was like a movie after patrol cops came face to face with one of the most wanted gangsters in Nairobi at Mlango Kubwa – See what happened.

 Wednesday, February 9, 2022 – One more gang member of the infamous ‘Katombi’ gang, that has been terrorizing city residents, has this evening been gunned down by cops on patrol.

The gangster locally known as ‘Fadhili Mgaza’ engaged officers in a shootout, prompting them to unleash their fire which killed him on the spot. 

Fadhili was one of the four gangsters who were lucky to escape from a shootout in Mathare last December, when their de-facto leader identified as Ngaruiya, was felled by fire from our lanky young men. 

The gang had attacked pedestrians along Mau Mau road in Bondeni, Mathare sub-county before our men acted.

Instead of mending their ways after what befell their master as they scampered for dear life by swimming in a sewer line infested with raw sewage, they became more emboldened. 

They regrouped under Fadhili’s leadership and continued to terrorize city residents in Huruma, Mathare and Pangani areas. Detectives took notice.

As Pangani-based law enforcement agents conducted foot patrols, they came face to face with the wanted gangster who was on a motorbike, terrorizing pedestrians at Mlango Kubwa, in Mathare. 

Immediately Fadhili spotted the officers, he shot at them as the bike sped towards the informal settlement. 

But the cops led by a senior constable who is a former musketry instructor applied the marksmanship principles effectively and shot back at the thug, tossing him from the speeding bike to the ground. 

His accomplice who was riding the bike wobbled unsteadily for a few metres but just before he crashed on a drum with boiling Supu na Matumbo delicacy as hungry customers watched in disbelief, he regained balance and sped deep into the settlement. 

Fadhili’s demise left the Katombi gang that had almost created a fiefdom in the Mathare valley heavily wounded, after losing its second commander in less than two months. 

As the onslaught ensues, Starehe based detectives are appealing to the remnants of the gang to surrender and pay for their crimes before they are completely annihilated.

A firearm loaded with 3 rounds of 9mm callibre was recovered from the thug. 


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