I warned you uachane na bwana za wenyewe – Cousin to the lady who died in a grisly accident while in the company of a married MCA mourns.

 Wednesday, February 9, 2022 – The young lady who died in a grisly accident at Tsavo while in the company of Mata Ward MCA Chanzu Khamadi, had been warned to keep off married men.

One of her cousins reacted to the shocking news of her death on Facebook and revealed that he had advised her to stop dating married men but his advice fell on deaf ears.

The deceased lady’s cousin further alleged that she was sacrificed by the MCA.

“Nilikuwa nimekukataza uwachane na mabwana za wenyewe hukunisikia..Ona sasa umetolewa kafara( I had warned you to keep off married men but you didn’t listen. Now you have been sacrificed, ” he commented.

The lady died on the spot after the MCA’s Prado hit a giraffe.

It’s alleged that they were drunk when the accident occurred.

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